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Three Sided Pizza Stool

Three Sided Pizza Stool

Size:3.33 Ft.
Height:53 cmSwitch to feet
Width:44 cm
Length:44 cm
Volume:0.102608 cbm
Weight:12 kgSwitch to pounds


Product description:

Food Glorious Food! What can be more exciting then giant food?! We supply an extensive range of food related promotional items for display. Entice your customers with giant ice creams, milkshakes, hotdogs, hamburgers, fries and pizza. These fun and colourful statues will be sure to attract customers from inside or outside your store! The perfect items for ice-creameries, ice-cream parlours, milkshake bars, take away shops, pizzerias, fast food outlets, kiosks, delicatessen and restaurants. We cover for all your food promotional needs to attract customers and yourself!