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Western Cow Cowlamity Jane
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Western Cow Cowlamity Jane

Catalog #:LL-1791
Height:52 cmSwitch to inches
Width:72 cm
Length:27 cm
Volume:0.101088 cbm
Weight:6.5 kgSwitch to pounds


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Product description:

Western cow cowlamity Jane. Made from resin material.

Be taken back into the Wild West, with its history and legends of Cowboys and Indians.

Recreate the past with our life size statues. We have Native American Indian deer hunters, women, rain dancers, chiefs, tribal heads and warriors. Our cowboy range includes Mexican cowboy, Wild West bounty hunger and Sheriff. We even have a very impressive life-size horse and cowboy statue.

We also have additional props and Wild West features including Western Cow Cowlamity Jane, real-size cactus statues, wagon wheels, wagon wheel chandalieres, and unique cowboy boot shaped chairs!

With our items we can take you back to the time of the Native American Tribes and the exciting heroes and stories of the Cowboys. Our products are well suited to themed events, parties, cinemas, theme parks, saloon style pubs or restaurants.

Life size land animal figures make an unusual addition for any home or business. We offer a wide assortment of decorative life size animals including cows, apes, zebras, predators and many more so you can choose your favourite!

All of our high-quality animal models are hand painted by skilled artisans and moulded from resin, a very durable material.

Our design team is working on unique designs that will keep you interested. Our collection includes realistic life size models as well as figures that are designed in a humorous fashion. It's up to you to choose!

Each animal figure will make great addition to a vet reception office or a pet shop.

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