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Orca Whale Wall Decor
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Orca Whale Wall Decor

Catalog #:LL-2542
Height:78 cmSwitch to inches
Width:136 cm
Length:253 cm
Volume:2.68382 cbm
Weight:23 kgSwitch to pounds


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Product description:

Wall decor, medium-size Orca whale. Product made from resin with life-like features.

There's a great and mysterious world living undersea that is usually out of sight.  With these fantastic models you can bring these magnificent creatures of the marine world into your home or business.

Our collection includes friendly sea creatures : dolphins, penguins, sea horses  and many others. Additionally our collection offers some of the most scary sea predators such as sharks. You are also welcome to "dive" into the ocean with our realistic life size sea divers!

Molded from resin, each figure is highly durable.  These realistic figures are hand painted to the finest details and make a vivid, unusual addition to diving clubs, beach houses, sea food restaurants, pet shops or any business that is associated with the Marine world.

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