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T-rex  Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Cd Rack
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T-rex Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Cd Rack

Catalog #:LL-1870
Height:96 cmSwitch to inches
Width:46 cm
Length:37 cm
Volume:0.163392 cbm
Weight:14 kgSwitch to pounds


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Product description:

T-rex Tyrannosaurus dinosaur with open jaw, standing behind Cd Rack.

Dinosaurs had been extinct for over 65 million years now, but, thanks to our highly detailed replicas we can still revive and enjoy these magnificent creatures.  We offer many fantastic designs of these pre-historic animals including T- Rex, Camarasaurus, Triceratops, Triceratops, flying dinosaurs and much more., such amazing sculptures that will easily turn into the hottest and most popular talk of the day.

Our three dimensional dinosaur figures are meticulously made into the finest details capturing their true essence.

 The dinosaur figures are handcrafted from scratch and made of resin - a natural and very durable substance secreted in the sap of some plants and trees. The dinosaurs are also meticulously hand-painted

Any one of our dinosaur sculpture you choose, will transform your garden or make a fun addition to a kids' playroom or nursery.

Looking for an exciting way to display your CD collection? We might just have the answer!

Here at Pop Art Decoration we supply a range of CD racks with real-size celebrity and people figures made of resin. Our range includes CD racks with a range of alien figures, a blues brothers CD rack, pirate CD rack, English butler CD rack, barber CD rack, cowboy CD rack, solider, Freddy Krueger CD rack, Elvis Presley with guitar CD rack, Marilyn Monroe with white flutter skirt CD rack and more!

Our items will surely be an attraction in any room, creating character and style. Our CD racks with celebrity features and figures are the perfect items in a themed restaurant, coffee shop, music CD shop, party, dance studio, disco or event. The CD racks can also be the perfect addition to your home or be a great gift for someone special!


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