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St. Francis Of Assisi
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St. Francis Of Assisi

Catalog #:LL-1846
Height:175 cmSwitch to inches
Width:68 cm
Length:58 cm
Volume:0.6902 cbm
Weight:30 kgSwitch to pounds


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Product description:

Life-size replica St. Francis Of Assisi with birds. Product handcrafted from resin material.

Create the perfect nativity scene this Christmas with our life-size resin made figures.

We supply all your nativity scene figures to remember the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. Our real-size statues include infant baby Jesus in a manger, mother Mary kneeling in prayer, Saint Joseph, three wise men; Caspar, Melchoior and Balthasar, angles, sheep and shepherd figures. Our figures are perfect purchased in a set for a church display, carols by candle light celebrations and Christmas events. Even for shopping malls, department stores and shops, these display items will remind us of the history, meaning and joy of Christmas.

But that’s not all! We also have a range of large Jesus Christ statues, Saints (Santo Ninon, St. Anthony De Padua, St Francis of Assisi), biblical figures and decorative christen wall mosaics. These products are suited for placement inside or outside a church or christen place of worship/centre or even a wall feature in a home.


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