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Barber  With Chalkboard Menu
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Barber With Chalkboard Menu

Catalog #:LL-1934
Height:97 cmSwitch to inches
Width:42 cm
Length:42 cm
Volume:0.171108 cbm
Weight:10 kgSwitch to pounds


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Product description:

Barber figure made from resin, with giant comb and scissors standing with chalkboard menu.

A menu can transform any restaurant, coffee house or a store into a space that's stylish, distinctive and fun.  

Here we offer a huge variety of amazing life size figures with menu boards including butlers, cowboys, chef animals and many others. 

All of our restaurants display figures are entirely handcrafted from resin down to the finest details and made of especially durable material called resin. Each figure is meticulously hand-painted and finished using a special method which gives the piece its distinct and vivid look.

The life size figures are ideal for a restaurant, storefront or bar. Each statue holds an erasable chalkboard that's great for writing menu specials or promotional messages. Promotional menus are certainly an entertaining way to attract customers' attention!

Looking for a figure to represent your profession or occupation? We just might have your answer.

We have a large supply of life-size resin figures featuring men and women from various professions. We have handmade statues including police man, fireman, gardeners, divers, pilots, sailor and human anatomy. These items are excellent for museum displays, educational features in schools, exhibitions and shop display windows.

Our figures with chalk board menus are perfect for barbers, fish shops, mechanics, paint shops, gas stations, hairdresses, pizzariers, bakeries, coffe shops and resturants. These promotional statues will be sure to attract attention and bring customers into your store or resturant.


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