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Candy Cane
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Candy Cane

Catalog #:LL-PB-13
Height:184 cmSwitch to inches
Width:59 cm
Length:96 cm
Volume:1.154 cbm
Weight:15.5 kgSwitch to pounds


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Product description:

Large red and white striped candy cane promotion feature.

Food Glorious Food! What can be more exciting then giant food?! We supply an extensive range of food related promotional items for display.

Entice your customers with giant ice creams, candy, milkshakes, hotdogs, hamburgers, fries and pizza. These fun and colourful statues will be sure to attract customers from inside or outside your store! The perfect items for ice-creameries, ice-cream parlours, milkshake bars, candy shops, lollie shops, take away shops, pizzerias, diners, fast food outlets, kiosks, delicatessen and restaurants.

But we haven’t forgotten the fresh fruits and vegetables! We have large sized resin statues of ripe red tomatoes, garlic, capsicum (bell pepper), banana and more. These tasteful statues look almost edible! Ideal for a greengrocer, fruiterer, shopping centre displays, organic food shops and market places.

We cover for all your food promotional needs to attract customers and yourself!


Looking for the perfect toy display or attractive item for your child’s bedroom? In our Kids Decor section you are sure to find something!

Here at Pop Art Decoration we provide a variety of handcrafted and painted décor products for kids. Our range includes rocking animals, cute and brightly painted stools, classic toy soldiers, sailboat, rocking bed, modern transformer-like robots...and more! Our range even includes decor products featuring children favourites, Pinocchio and Looney tunes Sylvester the cat and Tweetie pie bird.

Our items are perfect for toy shop displays, children events and concerts, children play rooms or even a perfect gift for a child. These bright colourful items are sure to attract and keep the kids entertained!



Welcome to our extensive range of America figures and decor products. Fly the stars and stripes proud!

Our range of American features includes a replica life-size Statue of Liberty and Justice Lady. We also have USA military figures, comical politician figures with small body and large head, baseball figures, American football figures, NASA space figures and President Barak Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.

All our products are hand crafted from resin material and skilfully painted with high quality paints, using intricate patterns and features. These patriotic American features can be great in a house, USA shops displays, USA sport stores, American pubs and restaurants or American themed functions and events.

With our décor products you will surely feel like you are in the United States of America!



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