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Rocking Pig
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Rocking Pig

Catalog #:LL-2717
Height:92 cmSwitch to inches
Width:39 cm
Length:127 cm
Volume:0.456 cbm
Weight:23 kgSwitch to pounds


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Product description:

Real-size rocking pig with colourful saddle, made from resin materail.

If you are looking for a beautiful and affordable rocking horse, we have the answer!

Here at Pop Art Decoration we supply a great range of rocking horses and even other rocking animals! All our products are hand crafted from resin material and skilfully painted with high quality paints, using intricate patterns and features. We provide classic rocking horse items, including white horses or brown horses. Our items also include large-size carousel style horses with bright coloured saddles and decorations.

We also have other animals including rocking sheep, rocking bear, rocking monkey, rocking pig and rocking donkey. These items are sure to be loved by every child! The perfect addition to a children’s event or party, theme park, childcare, kindergarten or your child’s play room!


Looking for the perfect toy display or attractive item for your child’s bedroom? In our Kids Decor section you are sure to find something!

Here at Pop Art Decoration we provide a variety of handcrafted and painted décor products for kids. Our range includes rocking animals, cute and brightly painted stools, classic toy soldiers, sailboat, rocking bed, modern transformer-like robots...and more! Our range even includes decor products featuring children favourites, Pinocchio and Looney tunes Sylvester the cat and Tweetie pie bird.

Our items are perfect for toy shop displays, children events and concerts, children play rooms or even a perfect gift for a child. These bright colourful items are sure to attract and keep the kids entertained!


Life size land animal figures make an unusual addition for any home or business. We offer a wide assortment of decorative life size animals including cows, apes, zebras, predators and many more so you can choose your favourite!

All of our high-quality animal models are hand painted by skilled artisans and moulded from resin, a very durable material.

Our design team is working on unique designs that will keep you interested. Our collection includes realistic life size models as well as figures that are designed in a humorous fashion. It's up to you to choose!

Each animal figure will make great addition to a vet reception office or a pet shop.


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