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Toy Soldier Nut Cracker Playing The Drums
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Toy Soldier Nut Cracker Playing The Drums

Catalog #:LL-2371
Height:241 cmSwitch to inches
Width:94 cm
Length:84 cm
Volume:1.90294 cbm
Weight:33 kgSwitch to pounds


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Product description:

Very large-sized toy soldier nut cracker playing the drums. Colourfully painted figure made from resin.

Our music and entertainer statues will get you and your guests dancing or singing!

Our jazz and blues figures look wonderful teamed together and create a great party and musical atmosphere. We have celebrity featured life size statues and heads including the Blues Brothers, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, rock and roll star Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. We also have some classic items such as hanging angle cherubs with trumpets, musical clowns, toy soldier nut cracker and a Mozart statue. We cater for all music tastes, whether modern, pop, jazz, blues or classic.

Our statues feature a great variety of musical instruments from pianists, statue singers, drummers, trumpet players, bass and more. Our exclusive décor collections of figures are ideal for music events, musical shows, cabaret, entertainment venues, concerts, pubs, jazz bars, or even a great addition to your home!


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Our vast range of products are perfect for fairy tale themed events, theme parks and toy shop displays. We have a large variety of handmade Pinocchio figures, with jiminy cricket and Pinocchio with long nose. We also supply many scary witch figures made from resin, including witch flying on broom, witch sitting on the moon and witch with crystal ball. These items are great for Halloween or witch themed events.

For more classic items we have beautifully crafted and painted Merlin wizard with witch ball, fairy tale lamp holder, gnome stool and toy soldier nut cracker. These fairytale items are great for children play rooms, childcares, kindergartens, schools, theme parks, fun fairs or amusement parks.


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Here at Pop Art Decoration we provide a variety of handcrafted and painted décor products for kids. Our range includes rocking animals, cute and brightly painted stools, classic toy soldiers, sailboat, rocking bed, modern transformer-like robots...and more! Our range even includes decor products featuring children favourites, Pinocchio and Looney tunes Sylvester the cat and Tweetie pie bird.

Our items are perfect for toy shop displays, children events and concerts, children play rooms or even a perfect gift for a child. These bright colourful items are sure to attract and keep the kids entertained!


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