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All Pop Art Decoration’s products are handmade, three-dimensional, works of art using the finest material available. Regardless of the material used (poly-resins, resin, fiberglass, porcelain, wood and much more), every product we sell is carefully hand painted and finished, using our own method, giving each piece a beautiful, distinct and unique look. Like any individually crafted product, no two pieces are the same and can vary slightly from our catalogue.

Although every precaution is taken to provide products of unsurpassed quality before leaving our factory, certain precautions are recommended to preserve each piece. Weather and extreme climates can affect the durability of products. For instance, colour may fade over time if a product-item is used consistently in a hot climate or in direct sun. Similarly, freezing temperature and water that accumulates in our merchandise may cause cracking. We strongly recommend either covering your statue-product during periods of harsh climate or storing it inside.

we also can make custom made figures and much more, read about custom made items here