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Comparing products

What is "Comparing products"?

"Comparing products" is a feature that can help you compare 2 or more products so you can easily decide which product better fits your need.

You can access "Comparing products" by clicking the "Compare" button found in the left side column on our site once products are selected.

How do I add products to be compare?

Click "Compare" next to each product and the item will be added to the products you want to compare.

How do I see the compared products?

Click "Compare" button at the left side of any page on the website.

How do I remove items from my compare products?

Simply click the "Remove" link next to the item you wish to remove.

What will I see when I compare products?

You will see a picture, name, description, size and price of the products

How do I add a product directly from compare products?

Simply click on "Add to cart", the item will be added to your cart.