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Fashion Photo shoot

Pop Art Decoration products can be used in many ways as you have already learned, but we are always happy to be part of new projects and go wild with the customers creative ideas. This vibrant and colourful photo shoot used Pop Art Decoration figures as props. Props are extremely important tools for enhancing the mood of an image or revealing the aspect of the focal subject. They are also fantastic for telling a narrative within a photo image. See how our products complement and enhance these fashion images!
  fashion Photo shoot fashion Photo shoot
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  fashion Photo shoot fashion Photo shoot

The creative uses and options for our figures and props are endless!

Our figures have been used as props not only in fashion photo shoots, our life-size figures were props in movies, television shows, commercials and theatre production. Décor items, prop and figures play an important role in the success of a movie, TV show or photo shoot. They bring to life the scene with realism and character that can’t be achieved otherwise.

Movie makers also require distinct unique looks, and with our vast range of items and custom made products we can surely fulfil these requirements. Our products are Pop Art Decoration can help transform your ideas into reality, and give your production the success and appeal you are after!

fashion Photo shoot fashion Photo shoot  fashion Photo shoot fashion Photo shoot 
Only your imagination is the limit....

Discover our creative and unique themed props!

Here at Pop Art Decoration we supply a wide range of themed props and figures including; cowboy and western, fantasy, aliens, Egyptian, pirates, knights, clowns and much more! These items can add that additional impact factor to attract attention and recreate a scene which can take your audience back into the past, into the future or into a fantasy realm.

We also provide custom made products to suit your individual needs as we understand that unique products need to be created for special events and productions. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to using our themed props and figures; fashion photo shoots, television shows, commercials, advertisement, theatre plays, documentaries, movies and cinema. 

fashion Photo shoot fashion Photo shoot  fashion Photo shoot fashion Photo shoot     fashion Photo shoot  fashion Photo shoot

Just tell us what is your dream and we will make it come real!

Let us help you bring to life our products in creative new ways and open your imagination to the world of possibilities. Our professional team at Pop Art Decoration can give you the support and advice you need to give your project a distinctive and unique appeal.

fashion Photo shoot     fashion Photo shoot  fashion Photo shoot fashion Photo shoot      

Our figures were used for props not only in fashion photo shoots, our life size figures were props in movies, TV shows and theatre productions.

fashion Photo shoot

fashion Photo shoot